Monday, 13 July 2009

Car postponement.

You know how excited I was about today, Monday right? And you know why yes? Because I was hopefully seeing and maybe buying the car this evening...but no more :( Not that I'm not ever seeing it though :)

Mother rang Mr Mark-the-man-with-'my'-car last night to see what was happening. She told him that we were definately interested and that I was 'champing at the bit' as it were, and would we be able to come see it this evening (Monday). He told us that the car was booked in for its MOT at 2PM today, (Monday) so it would be more than likely that we wouldn't be able to see it, as if it needed any work doing at all it would still be in the garage and it would be a bit more difficult to see it there. That was perfectly understandable, though I was obviously a little disappointed. We also spoke to him about the accelerator pedal that I was only very slightly concerned about, as it was very low. We asked him if that was a standard 'quirk' of the Peugeot 205's of if it was a depressed pedal in this particular car. We'd only seen one other 205 and although the pedal was a bit low it didn't seem quite as low as in the car we're looking at. He said he wasn't sure as to the circumstances of this cars pedal but he'd get the garage to raise it (as long as they could). He seemed pretty sure it wouldn't be a problem. The pedal itself isnt necessarily putting me off the car, but I am a little worried as it sits a fair bit lower than the brake pedal, and even my mum said when she was driving it that sometimes when she went to put her foot on the brake she'd be underneath it, so I'm obviously a little worried that if I needed to stop (and being a not-yet-even-passed-her-test driver, I'm obviously even more nervous) I'd miss the brake pedal or get my foot stuck underneath it and end up in the proverbial shit creek. I'm sure I'd get used to it but it is a slight concern.

Other than the pedal, he reiterated that the car was going to get a proper full on valet, inside and out, the trim around the windows would be sorted out, the sun roof would be fixed (as it wouldn't open when we tried to when we saw it), the front drivers tyre would be changed, even if the MOT garage didn't, as it looked a bit worn, and he'd put a CD player in there :)

So then we asked when would be best to come and see it, and he said he didn't think Tuesday would be a problem. He even said if we liked it we could pay and take it there and then :D So we said we'd ring again Monday evening and find out how the MOT was going/went and go from there. I then rang my brother and asked him for a favour :)

IF we did decide to buy it on Tuesday, we'd have a problem actually getting it home if mum drove us down, as she'd be the only one insured to drive it, so I asked him if he'd be willing to drive mum, dad and I down there so if we did get it, mum could drive it home with me in and dad could go with him. I then suggested mum could drive it to a quiet car park and then I could have a go :) We may also try and find somewhere quiet around where the car already is so I can give it a quick drive, seeing as I'd hate to buy it then find out I hate how it feels to drive.

All in all, I'm pretty damned excited about tomorrow :) my brother's coming round at 3PM and we should hopefully be leaving sometime after 4PM ish.


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  1. Hope there'll be photos of it on Tuesday :) I'm excited for you.