Sunday, 12 July 2009


So I'm excited about getting a car, and I love my pets, what's fucking problem with that?
Apologies for this next post, I'm angry. A bitch who I used to be friends with has made me very pissed off today. For about 20 minutes on facebook her status updates were a stream of bitchy, mocking comments about myself and a lot of other people. She also decided to join lots of fan groups, such as 'Black people', Fat people' and 'RAPE'.
She's disgusting quite frankly. The comment aimed at/about me was "yay CAR TOMO. I LOVE MY BUNNYS" and there were others aimed at friends of mine that her and the others dont deem 'cool' enough, such as a "so and so* 4 thingy*" (*names protected as it were) and a "someone* doesnt watch tv.

In my anger at how ridiculously she was behaving I sent her an email saying "are you fucking drunk again or just generally being a bitch?" and a couple of hours later I received the reply that, quite frankly, I expected, saying "sorry, someone fully hacked my fb".

I mean, for fucks sake, all of that lot just hack each others facebooks, change stuff and then moan about it, but have they ever thought of CHANGING THEIR PASSWORDS? No, of course not, because then they wouldnt get attention, or get to say "oh shit I got facebook raped" all the time. Every time I start thinking, even slightly, that I miss them and how fun things were most of the time, as long as nothing got even slightly serious, they go and do something like this that reminds me what they're really like.

They're just a bunch of immature idiots with no regard for anyone else's feelings. This isnt the first time this particular girl has done something like this, and it wont be the last. The sad thing is that plenty of people encourage her behaviour by 'liking' some of the things she does and laughing along with her.

And the things that their taking the mickey of me about...driving and the rabbits are pretty much the only things in my life that are making me feel good right now, that I'm getting excited and motivated about, and I care about, partly because the way THEY have treated me over the past few months (eg like shit) has contributed to my putting on weight, and crippling inability to go outside anywhere without someone like my parents with me, and so driving and the rabbits are the only things I spend any time on!
And just because I dont want to go and get so fucking wankered out of my mind that I dont know what or who I'm doing, throw up and get in dangerous situations, or because I dont care about getting off with randomers or having 'amazingly hilarious' drunk photos or facebook 'raping' each other (which I wont even start on), THEY want to take the piss out of what I'M doing in my life? Ok so I talk about it a lot, my status updates are mainly about cars recently, but I havent really mentioned the rabbits on there recently at all, but why the fuck does it bother them? You dont catch me bitching about their statuses being constantly filled with 'private jokes' and idiotic and offensive comments.

But yeah, I dunno, this is just a bit of a rant really, no real aim to it. I could write so much more but I'm tired. Just fucks me off that I get motivated about something and then people go and belittle it. Gets me down and fucks me off.

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  1. sounds like you are the sensible one here - you do indeed have the right attitude about going out. Personally when I go out with mates, I prefer to remember the night - it means I can laugh at them all the next day!!!