Thursday, 30 July 2009


In anticipation of this and every #followfriday:

Instead of reeling out names every week, and seeing as I often forget to participate properly if at all in #followfriday on Twitter, I thought I’d just write up a list of my favourite followees on Twitter. I’ve done it alphabetically so no one can complain about favouritism :)

I’ll try and add to it to keep it as up to date as possible.

@Abcmsaj - techy boy, but don't let that put you off :P a lovely soul and great guy.
@belle_lulu - SHE'S BRILLIANT! :)
@BigAssBadger - he thinks I have a nesquik addiction :)
@ComedyQueen - has a great blog, always lovely to chat to.
@coy0te - one of the nicest people ever :) been through a fair bit and still standing tall. You MUST follow her.
@Dirtyblondescot - gorgeous, fun and Scottish. Nuff said ;)
@dontforgetchaos - lovely guy, great photographer and a paid night owl :P
@FreeRangeHaggis - randy bugger :P
@Fussy_mummy - she's @SruffyPanther's mum: need I say more?! FOLLOW.
@girl_from_oz - fount of musical knowledge and lovely girl :)
@IrishLad585 - the best of the US :)
@jackfaulkner - apparently mutual love of cars & dinosaurs is grounds for marriage :)
@james1512 - one of the kindest souls I know and always on hand for advice :)
@jmroskell - bb fanatic and all round wise man :)
@josianna - a truly special lady. Welcomed me to Twitter and now someone I count as a friend. One of the strongest people I know, a truly amazing person.
@marksvoice - a very wise, caring and funny guy :)
@mikesawriter - just follow him ok! He's wuvly :)
@Mr_Geoff - MR GEOFF! Of Mr Geoff fame! He fuels my Girls Aloud love and is a wonderful person! My life would truly be very different without him.
@PembsDave - he's like, twitterfamous, yeah?
@PinkTribble - wuvly lady night owl :) she rules the roost!
@sabbathdei - read his blog. Follow him. Love him!
@scooby876 - accidentally revealed my true name to him once...SHHHH!!
@ScruffyPanther - LUFFLES! She's amazing. If you don't follow her you need your head checking. Pantherpants :P
@Ste1987 - one of my first followees. A great guy.
@stonefences - a wuvly jubbly chappy :) follow him!
@totalgunner - he's a little sweetie ;)
@tylermassey - cool personified. Also twitterfamous.
@ukgirlie - crazy crazy brilliant lady, and so caring with it :)
@xlad - what a sexy guy ;)

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