Friday, 21 May 2010


So today I have my first exam.
It's the first of the two resits I'm taking, today's being the Drama written exam. I thought I'd done well on it last time seeing as I hadn't been in college for 6months, but apparently not, as I got an E for the written bit which, thanks to my 79/80 A grade on the practical bit, was bumped overall down to a C. At the time I was distraught, but now I can see that even sitting the exam was an achievement in itself, and the C isn't the worst thing in the world.
I agreed to have another crack at it, and so I am. Today. I'm not feeling too confident about it, mainly because the bulk of revision I have been able to do has been for me English Literature exam, which is much more important to me. However, if I can pull off a slight grade raise I might be able to get my overall AS grade for Drama up to a B, but we'll just have to see.

The main source of my stress is more that it's Friday.
Which means tomorrow is Saturday. Which means I'm driving to London.
Which means it's nearly Monday. Which means my sister is coming home.
Which means it's nearly Wednesday. Which is when we're planning telling her all the amazing (read: shit) stuff that's happened while she's been away.

Any of you who have been following me for a fair while will know of this predicament. My sister went to Australia to study for her PHD, and while she was away, shit happened. I made the choice not to tell her, because I knew if we told her she'd be on the first plane home, and I couldn't do that to her. I couldn't ruin her opportunity like that.
So when she comes home, we have to tell her.
So obviously right now I'm an utter bag of nerves.

The plus side is that by being Friday today, it means the iPad will be here in a week XD but then so will my politics resit :/

Ah well. Smile :)


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

18 now :)

It was my 18th birthday yesterday, in case you missed it :) and I had a lovely day. Ok so it wasn't how I ever imagined my 18th to go, but in the circumstances it was great. Went to the Imperial (Wetherspoons) with a few friends and spent the afternoon there. It was really nice to catch up with some friend that I haven't seen in ages, and one in partiular suprised me with how much she's changed for the better. In the evening a load of family and family friends came round and I blew out the candles on my cake... which was actually one of my meal replacement bars lol. All in all, it was the easiest £3000 I ever made!! Haha yeah, basically all I got was money, which suits me fine. £300 of it was proper like gift money, and the rest was the savings account that my auntie and grandad have apparently had in my name since I was born, which really was such a suprise! A pleasant one, obviously.
After last years disastrous birthday, which you may remember ended in a police cell, anything was going to be better than that!

So yeah, I am actually feeling quite happy now, which makes a nice change! I lost another 3lbs yesterday too, which makes a total of 35.5lbs in 10 weeks, nothing to be sniffed at I'm sure you'll agree! I've probably got about another 6-8 weeks that I can carry this diet on until I need to get back eating normal food in time for Australia, and ideally I'd hope to lose another couple of stone by then, but anything gone is good :)

As IF it's only 3 WEEKS until my sister comes home for a month! It feels just like yesterday we were saying good bye to her at the airport, but by the time she gets here she'll have been gone 2 YEARS! It really does feel so weird. Obviously we've got to tell her everything that's happened this year, but we're going to wait until we're all back home in Exeter before we do that as it'd be unfair on her to dump all that crap on her when she's only been in the country for 5 minutes. Obviously a bit nervous about that but it's got to be done.

Other than that, the next few weeks I really need to crack on with revision. Not that I've not been trying, but I'm just finding it so hard to revise. To be fair, I've been out of studying for nearly 2 years now, so it's no wonder I feel a bit in the deep end, but I've just got to persevere, and I shall.

The first exam is the 21st May and the second is the 28th, both resits, and then my important English Lit exam is on the 8th June, so I've got a bit longer to ready myself for that one.

After my exams it will be just over 3 weeks until we go to Australia, which is just scary quite frankly, but exciting too obviously! I've got 90% of the stuff I want to take with me, the 10% left being the iPad and possibly a Fuji Pivi as the Polaroid Pogo seems to have fucked up. Bring on Monday 10th though, for the UK preordering and pricing!

I've got some other stuff going on, but it's mostly all good and I can't be bothered right now, ha, but rest assured, at the minute your favourite Finch is 85% happy, which is up by about 50% from a few months ago :)