Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Yes, I have a car.

So when I woke up today I felt like shit, to put it mildly. I stayed up last night having another little meltdown with my mum, crying and getting worse and worse, then finally managed to sleep at about 2AM. Then I had to go to the police station for what I thought was just some form signing. Turns out it was a bit more than that. Apparently on the night I had told the doctor something that I hadnt said in my statement, so they needed clarification. I couldnt remember saying it or whether or not it happened, because I've tried to block out what happened quite frankly. So I got upset again and ended up crying but luckily my SOLO is lovely and she told me it doesnt matter, this kind of thing is completely normal and it shouldnt affect the case.

I left, feeling a little bit happier but still pretty damned down, and hopped on a bus. Mum had texted me to say the car would be at her work at 1PM, so on my way I was. I got there only a few minutes before the car and the family friend who was going to look at it and tell us what he thought. We went out and our mate gave the car a good going over, then asked the guy to take him for a drive in it. When they got back our friend basically said "go for it. tidy little run around, good car, no problem" then off he went. The only thing was that the fan belt was apparently worn, so he knocked a tenner off the price for a replacement as it were.

He followed us in mums car home, parked it in mums space and she took him to where he was getting picked up. And thus; I HAVE A CAR!! :D

1.8 litre engine diesel, N reg Peugeot 205 in charcoal grey, with power steering and cd player :) passed its MOT yesterday and taxed til the end of the month :)
All. Mine.

Sticking the L plates on was the MOST fun thing ever.

Now I've got to wait until mum and dad finish work and we'll talk about insurance. My instinct would be to go ahead and take out the insurance with the £600ish quote we found for me on a provisional license for now, and then at least I know its insured and I can drive it without worrying. I know the premium is going to go up when I pass my test, possibly a hell of a lot, but for now I need insurance at least. We'll have the 14 days to cancel it if we decide the policy is a bit shit, and if it goes up too much when I pass we can always cancel the policy and get a new one. For the time being, I just really want it insured so I can drive it without worrying about it being illegal!

So yeah, I HAVE A CAR :D

Probably taking it for a drive later so I'll post some photos then, couldnt get any decent ones earlier because of where its parked.

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