Sunday, 15 March 2009


Another day, another photo - or in my case, another day, another two photos. Admittedly and obviously this really is just the same photo, just edited in two different ways, so you could say I'm cheating.

Although this/these photo/s were taken (as you can see) at 01.14 on the 15th March, and Iam also writing and posting this entry on the 15th March, I am counting this as my photo/blog post for the 14th - a day filled with hangover TV and sleep, which did not leave much time or energy for taking photos. However, at 8pm I decided to go to the pub (as twitterers will know) and the alcohol clearly gave me a new lease of energy, naturally.
Thus upon my return I rather viciously seized my camera, opened the window and...took a photo. The first few snaps were blurry haphazard attempts, so I made myself calm down a little and play with focus. That was honestly the first time I have ever thought about depth of focus etc in a photograph. And so this image was born; I pointed the lens at the frame, held the button half way down, then centered the slip of outside and pushed down. It seemed to work. I shipped the image over to iPhoto and once more fiddled with exposure, highlights and contrast. And B&W. I liked what I saw - I hope you do too.

On a non-photographic note: All day today (14th March, remember) I had been meaning to sit and write a fairly lengthy entry about all sorts, but alas, my sleepy body and brain had other ideas. Therefore tomorrow (today, 15th March) I will endeavour even harder to do so, while of course aiming not to repeat the neglect of photo-taking on the correct day. Hoping I can stay awake and focused for enough of tomorrow to a) complete overdue work and b) honour the afore-promised promises.

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  1. Hi Holly Alyx Finch. I'm 73, but still carried away with all kinds of beauty...and you are beautiful, your writing is intriguing, and your mind is brilliant. Would love for you to share what events damaged you? What's the history of 'Alyx'? I'm hooked. Gene Hudgens