Friday, 13 March 2009


Another day, another photo; but today I have 2 :) both edited a fair bit, played around with saturation and noise levels, and both up (in slightly better quality) on my Flickr.

Took these today over lunch, where my friends and I enjoyed a nice game of 'tear up as this lovely drugs advice leaflet into as many pieces as possible'. Don't worry, we put it all in the bin afterwards. Got a couple of strange looks when I started taking random snaps of our rubbish consisting of apple cores, half eaten chips and various food wrappers, but I had a promise to keep to my blog so I carried on :)

Something about all the different colours, textures and shapes compelled me to take these particular photos - the piece of paper that looks like giraffe skin is my favourite, although I honestly can't remember that being in the booklet - and then I had a little play with iPhoto to alter the colours even more.

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  1. Really like this. Reminds me of the real life struggle between what we are told (advice) and what we need (food).