Thursday, 9 September 2010

You can choose ( Atheists prayer. )

You can choose
to see life as so empty,
so utterly futile,
and human kind
as such sin filled monster,
ripe to be abhorred.
You can choose
to see life as so empty
that the only thing you live for
is an unprovable
improbably and laughable
wrath filled bearded man
in the sky.
Or you can choose.
See the beauty
in every being.
Feel the awe
of the whole wide universe
stretching out through time
and space
and memory
and place,
more vast
than our humble minds
can ever fathom.
You can choose
to hinge all your hopes
and all your loves,
perceptions and judgements
on a book.
Written by the greedy
edited by the rich,
or you can choose.
in the creation
of your own mind,
in the chance that you were born.
All the other combinations
of you's or I's
that could have been
that ended in you.
You can choose
to see the magic in logic,
the superb and supreme
in all around us.
The reverence of nature
needs no rules.
All time is out before us
behind us
within us.
All that was before
brought man to this
to now
in the slowest blink of every eye.
You can choose
to live your life restricted,
hold your loves
condemned, deleted,
every thought judged and bleated,
to what end?
You can choose
to hide from the world
shrink from the wonders,
run from the 'impossible'
that was already there.
Or you can choose.
Do you see the world
or do you see the world?
You have a mind
within your brain,
shaped and moulded just for you,
by all your fathers
all your mothers
and all the others.
Use your eyes
combine the mind
and see.
You can choose
what your life is worth.
No book should sway
no lie should stray.
You can choose
what your love is worth
and who is worth.
There is more to see,
much more,
than that man in the sky
could ever know.
You can choose;
or live.


I was in a random mood when I wrote this. Was feeling slightly reflective, and funnily enough, I was reading The God Delusion at the time.
Just speaks some of what I'm trying to think sometimes.


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