Saturday, 3 April 2010

Never fear.

I am still here.
I've just been using my new Tumblr blog a lot more recently ( for ease. Believe it or not it is actually ever so slightly easier and quicker than this blog, especially on the iphone. I'm not going anywhere though, this is still my main blog where I'll post more important posts, but you know what I'm like, I can be a bit flitty.

Good news.
My weight loss is still going well, lost 7.98lbs the first week, then 5.28lbs, then another 5.06lbs as of last Tuesday just gone, so I'm dead pleased with that. As I mentioned on my Tumblr, I worked out that if I can keep up an average loss of 5lbs per week til we go to Australia I can basically be where I want.
I just want to get back to my (marginally) attractive state. This last year I've ballooned and I hate it, so I'm doing something about it.
Everything else is going well. The college work is coming along nicely and thats about all there is in my life in all honesty.

Oh yeah, apart from this :D


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