Monday, 29 March 2010


Arg. I'm so distracted. I need to do a final draft of my 'Opposition and conflict are fundamental to Wuthering Heights. Discuss with comparison to Jane Eyre, including consideration of the period in which these texts were written' essay... by Wednesday. I was supposed to have done it by last Wednesday's tutorial session but my teacher had to cancel, luckily, which gave me an extra week... which I have since frittered away on tidying and Pokemon. Speaking of which; get out of my brain! I'm not even playing on it, I'm walking up against a wall to level up some day care Pokemon XD but I've ended up just sitting researching all sorts of help stuff for HG! FFS. I so need to crack on with this coursework now, specially seeing as I've got a counselling session tomorrow and am then meant to be going round to my brothers. I may have to give the xbox session with him a miss if I'm to have any chance of finishing this essay :s

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