Thursday, 29 April 2010


Problemo. Well, not really a problem in the grand scheme of things, but still. Was having a look earlier and trying to sort out how I'm going to fit everything in my bag for the trip to Australia, and its not going well. I may have to actually look at getting a different bag for the trip, which isnt a huge big deal but I obviously would've liked to use my leather bag, but its not as if it wont ever get used.

The other choice I've got to make is about the DSi. I've got 2 Gameboy Mini's and a stack of GBA games, as well as a DSi. Cant decide whether to sell one GBM and the games and get the DSi equivalent of the GBA games, or to sell the DSi and get a DS so I can play both DS and GBA games. Plus I cant actually even decided whether to bother taking the DSi at all. I might want to play on it at the airport and on the plane, but if I've got my phone and iPad I'm not likely to be short on entertainment, and how much am I likely to play on the DSi while I'm in Australia, really? So thinking I might not bother taking it at all.

I've also got to sort out my phone situation. I was going to get the HTC Hero but even though I do still want it I dont know if I should bother. Depends on the new iPhone in some respects to be honest. There's rumours that Apple will announce the iPhone and start selling simultaneously as they do with the iPod Touch' apparently, and if they do then I'll have to rethink yet again. If the new iPhone goes on sale before I go away, I might buy the new one, then jailbreak my 3G and hope that will save any sim-swapping issues I'm likely to have and take the 3G with me.
But then again, I do still quite want the HTC Hero. Arg. I dunno.

A lot of this stuff depends on whether I get any money from the CICS too.


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