Sunday, 25 April 2010

Future forwards.

Come September it'll be time for me to go back to college full time, with people and everything, and I'm a little scared.
Was talking to dad about college today and feel a bit calmer in terms of exams. I've got my English Lit AS exam and 2 other AS resits (drama & politics) coming up in just under a month. I'm resitting those two because, due to my personal circumstances, obvs, I fucked them up last time and ended up with a C and D respectively, despite having nearly full marks on the drama practical performance. I'm going to focus more on the English exam but will obviously give the others a good go. The more I think about it the less terrible a C at AD seems, besides, Uni's don't really pay attention to the AS, just the full A level.
In the end, I'll carry on English Lit and Politics to A2: English because it's my subject, and Politics because I should be able to get the D up easier than in drama. There's no way I could cope with drama unfortunately. My third full A Level will be completed by way of a fast track course or evening class... Just got to decide what subject though!
At the end of the next academic year, eg 2011, the aim is to end up with my 3 full A Levels at AAB or ABB, which should be good enough for the Uni's I want... which is something else I know nothing about right now...

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