Thursday, 11 March 2010

Life update.

Once more, it has been a while.
I have GOT to be more disciplined about this.
So, first and foremost, I am now on the Lighter Life diet. I cant be bothered to explain in too great detail what its all about, thats what this is for, but basically it involves not eating any real food for 14 weeks and living on food packs and copious amounts of water. You may have seen a lot of my tweets about it, as I had a few problems with doctors forms etc last week, so I'm only just started on it now meaning I'm a week behind everyone else, but at least I'm on it.
I've spoken to a few people about the fact I'm doing this and had varying responses, but the long and short of it is that I am desperately unhappy with my body, have tried various diets etc and had varying levels of success, but nothing that works quickly. A lot of my psychological problems are because of my weight ( and vice versa ) and I dont feel I am equipped to deal with a lot of the other shit in my head while I'm constantly preoccupied with my weight and paranoid about what people think of me. So I'm taking control. I've done the research, and thought it through. I'm not going into this blind, I've given it serious consideration. I know what it entails and I am actually excited about it if I'm honest. They say that if you follow the programme properly, you'll lose a minimum of 3 stone, but looking on the forums etc there are some people who lose 6-12lbs a week! So yes, all in all I am excited. I'm finding it hard, the whole 'no food' thing, but its not the hunger thats the issue actually, its mainly the lack of chewing. If that makes sense. The food packs are mostly liquid so it doesn't feel fully substantial. The clever thing about the food packs is that basically they encourage your body to use up body fat for energy but transforming it into ketones, which are also a natural hunger suppressant, so once I'm in ketosis (when the body is transforming and using body fat for energy rather than calories) I shouldn't feel hungry, and by all accounts from the other women already on the programme, you really dont feel hungry. Now I'm rambling so I'll shut up.

In other news... well, there is no real other news. College work is going ok, my tutor tells me I'm making strides with the Wuthering Heights coursework and the revision for the exams is kicking off now.
Hopefully my camera really be in stock this weekend, if not then it'll be 17th March at the earliest I suppose, which is a bit annoying as I've been waiting for so long, but I'll just be glad when I do get it.

I SO need to remember to pre-order the new Pokemon game... not that I can decide whether to go for Heart Gold or Soul Silver... grrr. Ruby, Fire Red and Crystal all arrived from Hong Kong the other day and I've been playing on Ruby ever since. Pokemon rules! :D haha.

I also grabbed myself a Tumblr account... though in all honesty I'm not sure why as in some respects its very similar to twitter, and I already have this blog and twitter, so... ah sod it, I'll use it for web pages and shiz.

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