Monday, 22 February 2010


Okay so this idiot in Hong Kong apparently obviously doesn't want to make a sale because he hasn't bothered to email me back at all today about the Pokemon games. Boo.
So I worked out that he would probably charge the £3.50 p&p for each item, which at 3x£4.99 and 2x£3.99 it worked out to £40.45 for the 5 games, which is a bit much really. I decided I'd give up on Fire Emblem and Zelda Minish Cap for now, seeing as I really want the Pokemon games and they're all basically RPG's I figured I'd just stick with the Pokemon ones for now. If I was to get the 3 Pokemon games from the Hong Kong guy though, it'd cost about £21 which actually isn't bad seeing as the Pokemon games tend to go for near enough £10 each anyway. For the time being I'm watching and bidding on other listings of Pokemon Fire Red and Ruby, both of which end in about an hour ish. If they look like they're going to go for more than the Hong Kong guy's selling them for then I'll just go for his listings of all three. Plus the only Pokemon Crystal I can find is from him, so I'll just see what happens in the next hour. Hopefully I'll end up with Pokemon games.
I've also bitten the bullet and just bought Tony Hawk 4, Avatar; Last of the Airbenders and FIFA 06 too, all under £4 each, bargain.
I'm also avidly watching another listing of Yoshi's Island after I unfairly lost out on one yesterday. This one ends in about an hour too, and I so badly want it. I'm watching Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red team too which ends tomorrow, because it just looks so cute! You get to BE a Pokemon! Did I mention that already?
So the game hunt is going...meh. Okay I guess. Didn't realise how many games I was getting til I wrote them all down earlier! Which means I'm also going to need some cases in all likelihood...

EDIT: Fire Red bidding gone. Might as well get that one from Mr Hong Kong. Just waiting on Ruby now.

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