Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Get away.

Ok so Christmas is over, megasadface.

Had a lovely one this year, quiet without nan and my sister though. I know my sister wasn't home for Christmas last year either but then she'd only been gone about 3 months, and with this year having been so shit we definately missed her more. And without nan, well, it just felt odd.
But apart from missing who we didn't have we all had fun with who and what we did have. My presents were mainly Xbox games, which I am more than ok with. I've only had the Xbox less than a month and I've already got: Left for Dead, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Fallout 3, FIFA 10, Borderlands, Resident Evil 5, Mass Effect, Crackdown, Prototype, Battlefield: Bad Company, Dragonage aaaaand Avatar :D. I've been playing FIFA 10 pretty much non-stop since I got it, none of the other games have even got a look in yet. My brother and I have already taken Exeter City to the FA Cup Final and beaten Tottenham 4-2, which we were mightily proud of.
As we should be.
Mum and dad also got me a genuine surprise in the form of an iPod docking stereo cd thingy, which I was planning on getting myself at some point, but bonus!
Then we saw Sherlock Holmes on Boxing Day, which was pretty damned good. Downy Jr did a fantastic job of Holmes, making him more, well, more like Sherlock Holmes where others have failed miserably. See it. And Avatar. That's IMMENSE.

And now, alas, lo and behold, etc etc, Christmas is over, and it's very nearly 2010.
The worst year of my life is nearly over.

Unsurprisingly, I am feeling a little nervous. As well as feeling excited that this year will soon be gone, in number if not in memory, I'm also apprehensive and mindful of the fact that it is of course the 'anniversary'.
Hence why, I didn't want to be in Exeter this time round. I wanted to get away, tell everything I know to fuck off for a little while, and be with my parents and say good riddance to bad news come the stroke of midnight.
So that's what we're doing.
Mum, dad and I are leaving tomorrow morning to go stay in a cottage in Looe for two or three days, and see the new year in there. The cottage is on a holiday 'campus' as it were with their own celebrations and stuff going on, as well as all the usual stuff going on down in Looe proper, which is only a mile from us.
All in all I'm looking forwards to it. We'll all take a few books, I'll have my iPod, and ta-dah!

So I'll say it now before the Internet gets clogged up at midnight on the 31st; Happy New Year everybody! May your next 365 days be good to you, and you to them.



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