Thursday, 29 October 2009


Still don't know how I should be feeling. I know I'm supposed to be there for her but it's ... Oh fuck I don't know.
She hasn't handled it particularly sensitively or considered how I might be feeling, but I think that's just her way. But then maybe it isn't.
What hurts as well is that she didn't talk to me. Knowing I've been through the court process etc and she didn't talk to me. She tells me she knows she can talk to me and I'm one of the few people she'd trust with anything, and that she'd talk to me, and then she proves the opposite.
She was meant to be coming round for tea tonight after she finishes work. No doubt she will be in a bit of a mood with me (fair enough to some degree) at the moment and I don't know what to say to her, about anything, so who knows.
I certainly don't.

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