Saturday, 8 August 2009

Phone calls.

I've decided I'm going to ring my SOLO tomorrow and arrange to go see her to talk about coming out to my parents. I'm bricking it. But I think that'll be the first step.
Then I need to keep trying to call my ISVA to arrange the tour/visit of the court and also a time to meet with her. I think I need to come out to her and explain why it's so stressful for me lately. Again, this will be another step.

When I'm not making these phone calls I will be shopping for some new clothes to take to London. I don't have any trousers as they are all now stupidly short and my tshirts are boring. I don't shop often so kind of looking forwards to it and dreading it at the same time.
Very much looking forwards to buying some new shoes though :) of course I am, I'm a woman! Even if the shoes I like aren't the most girly. At all. But I likes my shoes and my current ones are a right state.
Also picking up computers :)

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