Friday, 8 May 2009

Off the cuff - hang on.

So this is just going to be a brief precursor to something bigger brewing which is likely to come to fruition over the next few days, but just need a splurge.

Those of you on twitter will be aware that my birthday celebrations ended badly, and as a result of this I am in a somewhat SHIT state of mind, which may/will undoubtedly come across in my tweets. Please excuse and allow this (hopefully) temporary blip in normal service. I hope that in time I will get back to being my normal sparkling, witty, scintilating self. *cough cough* WTF is normal anyway? I digress...

In other words, I have a lot to work through at the moment and while in an ideal world it would not keep me down for long, it would seem that, as has been regrettably proved many times over recent months, this is far from an ideal world, so I will be down but not-yet-but-I-wouldn't-hold-your-breath-if-I-were-you out (you may take a breath now).

I am hoping to write a much needed longer entry sometime soon, as much for my benefit as for that of my readers, though I thank those of you who have expressed concern, interest and desire to read the sordid details of my life ;)
I find blogging rather theraputic...aside from the benefits of normal therapy and counselling, it provides (in my case) an annonymous platform to splurge/divludge/spill/bleed my woes that thus far in my life has proved beneficial to me.

Many people on here and twitter have come to mean a lot to me, not only for their own inspirational strengths and lives, but also for what seems to be a genuine care and concern for me. Some of these people have been so very supportive to me, and as most of you reading this are likely to be older and (possibly) wiser than me, the nuggets of advice I have received I am most grateful for.

Basically I'm rambling now, which was not my intention. I merely came to say that while I am working through shit, please bear with me. I find this (albeit rather public) arena useful to me, and would dearly love to feel the same about it for some time to come. As I say, I will be writing a bit of an explanation of what's been going on soon, an while part of my reason for doing so is rooted in the fact that people have asked me "what's going on?", it is mostly because I need to say a lot.

Thank you for being so patient, kind and caring. And to those of you I mentioned earlier re being important twitter people, I think some of you know who you are. Please don't ever go away, or change :)



  1. Totally rooting for you, chickie. I know you can get through this. :)
    You have my support!!

  2. Holly, you know you get my support anytime you need it, I'm cheap too, for you Little Feathers no charge ever.

    Take your time and do it at your speed, quicker isn't always better.

    Mr Bob.