Monday, 27 April 2009

A 'poem'.

For some reason this evening, I felt like sharing (for the first time on blogger) a 'poem' of mine. I put the word poem in inverted comma's because I always feel there is a stigma attached to the word and though I'm unsure why, I don't like using that word to describe what I do. But that is what I do so tough luck for me I suppose.

This 'poem' was the first thing I wrote after the events of NY'sE, and it took me quite a while to work up the courage to post it on my livejournal, but after I did it seemed to be fairly well received, so now after the weeks/months I've spent jabbering on at you lovely lot over here, I though I'd test the waters concerning my 'poetry'. So here you are. Feel free/please leaves comments letting me know what you think, when it comes to my 'poetry' my favourite bit is the feedback.

EDIT: If this seems to be received well, I have many more to share, including some personal favourites.


Curled up under a tree
next to a lily pond;
wish away the hours gone,
by a claw with one finger.

Breath in the green
of the silken, shattered fronds
and feel them shudder
in the lungs.

Rest easier in the arms of oak
and grass,
a plentiful safe house
of nature and nurturing tongues;
no evil, no fear.

Pass time with passing insects
always feared before
now not so much.

Not so much as the claw
with poison dripping
and bastard strength, poised
to steal from anyone
without thought.

A bag of barrels
hidden under a bushel, ne'er

You're disturbed,
you bastard.

You've peturbed, left me
is all I can fathom.


  1. Very powerful poem honey. x

  2. Hey! Really enjoying your blog, love the poem. I especially like the line about not fearing the insects so much now. Hope you post more :)