Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Some of you on twitter will be aware that I'm having a little difficulty with my 'friends' at the moment, and early twitpic-ed a screenshot of a facebook status that I found upsetting;
The red box is my (real) name. Names and faces have been covered blah blah blah. Shortly after this the girl whose status this was struck up a little chat convo with me asking me 'how my night was last night' before 'drunkenly' slurring and saying she was 'completely bungalowed'. Upon my asking what she wanted she said it was not really her, I asked who it was; no answer. A little confused and more than a little angry, I checked the status again. The original "Lol I hate -----" had been removed and replaced. I replied. She replied to my reply;Since that I have not replied (what can you say to that ridiculousness?) and she has proceeded to parade around facebook being a complete DICK. As of yet, I am unsure if it is actually her, or one of her/our equally small minded friends who has hacked into her account and used it to have a good old laugh at every one else's expenses.

So there you have it. Just felt like explaining this. Any views? Will update this saga in due course. LOL.


  1. I don't know any of the people involved obviously - but i would just move on....people like that aren't really friends are they. You just don't need it xx

  2. These people are not friends and deserve to be left behind! x