Friday, 20 March 2009

UCAS - Yesterday.

Yesterdays picture (apologies for the lateness, was too tired last night) is not too exciting on the face of it; a stack of all the prospectuses/prospecti I gathered throughout the course of the UCAS convention yesterday.

So the UCAS convention; wares were flaunted, incentives were waved and various 'We're better than they are' speeches were paddled; all in all, quite an enjoyable day. The bottom 9 or 10 prospectuses are the 9 or 10 Uni's that I took a liking to within the short time of the convention, and the top half are those that didn't look quite as exciting for me and the course I want to do. However, last night after the convention I made the mistake of looking at the University League Tables and saw that most of the ones I had been looking at were quite low down. Now I know that shouldnt matter, a degree's a degree after all, but as a naturally competitive person I am bound to feel a bit confused. "lol"

But I do still have quite a while to think about it, so I don't need to get myself too worried about it. If any of you have any University recommendations or 'dont-go-there's then please feel free to let me know :) All thats left for me to say now is, Happy Weekend!

EDIT: Just realised, this photo is technically not for yesterday as you had one then too :)

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