Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers day: Chocolate truffle, Jade Goody, Dancing On Ice, and a little bit more Jade Goody.

Ok so I didn't actually complete this blog entry on the day, I just posted the title thinking I'd get round to writing it the next morning...whoops. So mothers day...went well considering the previous evening. I realised when I woke up that no matter how crazy she drives me, she's my mother and I love her. These past few months have been horrible; I've been struggling to get over what happened, and so have my parents - I think I forget that sometimes. It does put me in a difficult situation sometimes though, as I'm trying to deal with what happened to me in a way thats best for me, but it impacts on them too, so I try not to hurt them. Anyway, more on that in another post - back to mothers day. So for presents I got her the bear on the right --> and a Willow Tree ornament - 'Close to you' - yes, she cried. I guess it showed her how much I do love her (despite, as I say, how crazy she can drive me sometimes). After she stopped crying we all went out for a family lunch, with my brother, father and nan. (+ me, mother & father, just to be clear). It was a lovely meal, as followers of my tweeting will know! After stuffing myself silly we all went home to watch Dancing on we go.
So yes, I agree on some level that Ray should have won; he was the best skater in the competition; but, like a lot of people, I too felt that there is just something about him that makes the skin crawl! Plus, he basically performed at the same level from start to finish with no improvement (because he didnt really need to improve), which brings me to Donal. I will be the first to admit his improvement throughout the course of the competition was astounding, but I never really warmed to him. Jessica on the other hand...again, as fellow twitter-ers will know, I am a huge fan of Jessica (in fact I always have been, ever since her Popstars days) on a lot of levels (lol) and I truly believed that in terms of what the competition was about, she should have been the winner; a) she improved a lot, which is surely the point? and b) she ended up as a fantastic skater. So she trumps Donal in the skill-stakes and Ray in the improvement-stakes. For her not to get to skate Bolero in the final 2 made me literally shout out loud in anger! Ok so if she'd been in the final 2 Ray probably would have still won, but this years run of DOI has been consistently full of wrong results - Todd Carty lasting as long as he did, Coleen 'Jon Sargent' Nolan getting further than Zoe Salmon and a lot of the costumes, so perhaps it wasn't surprising. Still - I'm bitter that Jess didn't win. Ha.
On the Jade Goody side of things; what a sad day for her sons and family. I could say more, in fact on the evening of mothers day I got into a full on debate with a couple of people about the whole situation, but all I will say is that despite whatever she did in life, a mother died on mothers day, two boys are without their mother, and people should have some respect.

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