Friday, 10 September 2010


Have I got confusion plastered all over my face?
Because I can feel it burning in my skin and shivering down deep in my blood.
Confusion breeding in my brain, birthing some twisted kind of self resentment, beating myself up over every feeling that I cant even name.
Love, hate, lust and everything in between.
Am I loving you or just confused? And so the confusion is confusion.
I've been hurt too many times before, by myself, and anyone else I dared to fall in love with, or anything like it.
If I even knew what any of this was I'd clear it up myself, but I dont.
Is the confusion as clear on my face as it is in all my space?
Every minute is full of nothing that makes sense.
Love and adoration, or love and like, so much alike.
They have the same face and the same sounds and smells, its easy to mistake them.
So I'm told.
But I've only felt just one of them, too many times before, and I've been well and truly burnt.
So what is this now?
Please help me.

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