Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ooh, productive!

Actually had a well productive few days!
Well, few weeks really.
So I had my first full week back at college last week, and a sort of half week before that too, and it went ok. I dont feel like I'm swamped by the work yet, though it's early days lol.
Politics is meh, there's a lot to take in and it's all mainly text, so not too much of a problem yet. Though I imagine when it gets closer to the exam in January, I'll likely get a bit more stressed out by it.
English literature is going okay I guess. I don't feel like the only one in there who knows what I'm talking about, as opposed to last time round, but that's expected as they're an A2 class. Obviously they're my tutor group too, so that's where I'd normally get 'friends' from lol, but so far the social side of things seems to be slower. But it's early days I guess.
Photography seems to be going quite well actually. We've got a full on two week project on 'Self Identity' that's actually nearly done, final piece has got to be done a week on Tuesday, eek!
The whole sketchbook side of the project I feel fairly confident about, because I love that kind of thing, and didn't do too badly to get an A* out of my art gcse. I know it's a whole different kettle of fish but the basis is the same.
In terms of the actual photography, it doesn't seem to be going too badly. At least my lecturer seemed fairly impressed with the stronger shots from my first shoot when she saw them last lesson.
Outside of college, I've been doing ok I think. Got round to downloading and sorting out Photoshop on both computers, got both manual and digital SLR's sorted, and just general other stuff sorted.
Plus my sisters coming home in just over a week for about 3 months ish :) which does possibly throw up some other issues is mum wants me to come out to her and I'm like nnnnnnnngh no not yet. But hey, bridges to cross and all that.
In general, alls good... for now.
Now all I need is someone to share it all with...

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