Saturday, 7 August 2010

Oh my. How long has it been?
I can't really claim to still be using this blog if I don't actually use it can I?

Well, as an update...
I'm in Australia!
You should know that by now really, if you're a reader of this blog I've gone on about it enough, and if you're on twitter, I'm ALWAYS going on about it :P
Well, can you blame me?

The best thing about being away, is getting away.
I've had the first few opportunities in years to just sit and look out over the world, and not feel obliged to feel... well, anything really.

I've been writing more, drawing more, living more, smiling more.

But only just over another 2 weeks and then I'll come crashing back down to earth.
Not long after I land back in England, college starts again, and I'll be thrown in at the deep end. For a change :P
But I'll handle it.
I have to.

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  1. All I can say is keep living, writing, drawing, and do whatever makes you happy — relax. Don't think too much about home, deal with that when the time comes :)

    Hope you keep having an awesome time in Australia! :D