Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days.

So, Monday down; I went and viewed my video evidence.
Obviously it wasnt much fun whilst I was watching it, but I had my SOLO there by my side throughout the whole thing with a friendly arm round me when I needed it which helped. Afterwards, strangely enough I didnt feel as crap as I thought I would. Something about me kicked in and I felt stronger, more positive. Although I know this case could easily not go the right way, Im feeling more confident about coping with everything. Though I could be wrong and fall to pieces but hey we'll take it one day at a time.

Now Tuesday is almost through, and I met with the barrister.
Firstly, true to form in my life the barrister we were expecting was involved in another case that was going on longer than expected so we had to have a new one, who was then late because he got lost. Overall though the meeting with him went well, and although things seem a bit last minute and chaotic, the barrister assured us that this was normal and not to be too worried. He gave me some more advice about answering questions and answered all the questions we had, so Im feeling ok about that.

So overall I'm feeling...ok about the trial at the minute. But as I say, that could all change.

On another note, things seem to have suddenly got a bit complicated with my best friend L after something she said in a text last night, eg either I jumped to the wrong conclusion or shes got feelings for me. She was beating herself up about having said anything now as shes knows I've got enough on, but we've just said we'll leave it for now and talk about it some other time. So yeah, MY LIFE IS NEVER SIMPLE IS IT?!?!


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  1. Ah glad it's not going TOO bad and well done for being strong. I'm not sure I could cope under the pressure you are under right now. It's amazing how we find strength at times like this. Good luck for the rest of the case, what ever it may be and chin up babe xxx