Saturday, 22 August 2009

Shut down.

Just a quick post tonight, will do a more extensive one of my London holiday when I can. Just a quick thing to say that I've had a lovely week so far. The shows have been beyond excellent; I've cried, laughed, sung along and loved every minute. The only draw back was getting my AS Level results. Not going to go into it too much now but suffice to say it sent me into a bit of a shut down.
Actually, there is one other cloud hanging over this break away though, and that is the fact that once we're back, I've got to ring me SOLO to arrange her coming round to help me come out to mum and dad. Not been thinking about it too much over the last few days, but I'm seeing my auntie and uncle tomorrow and I kind of promised myself that I'd tell my auntie. I figured that seeing as she's my mums sister she might have some clue as to how she'll react, plus it might help to tell someone.
Anyway, don't want to get myself down now. As I say, having a lovely (if a little too tiring and warm!) time away so far, and will tell you all about it asap :)

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