Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Friday - G Day?

A date has been set for my grand coming out to my parents. Oh deep joy. My SOLO needs to take another statement from me as I myself didn't actually mention my sexuality in my statement, so she's coming round on Friday. That's when they'll know.
I'm shitting myself. I've kept it secret this long. I'm angry that all that happened means I have to tell them. I'm scared.
I also have to decide what to do about my brother. My SOLO is coming round at 1pm and officially finishes work at 4pm. My parents will come home at lunch time. My brother is moving house that evening and Saturday morning so he also has Friday afternoon off. He asked if he wanted me there. None of them know why she's coming round though. I have to decide whether to tell him at the same time as mum and dad, seeing as they'll have to help him move house straight after receiving this bomb shell.
No clue what to do.
No clue how to actually physically tell them.

I think tomorrow I'll take my auntie up on that offer of a phone call.

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  1. Good luck. Noone can judge you on that. I respect you for it ;)