Saturday, 23 May 2009

A soppy moment.

Ok so this doesn't happen too often, but I'm feeling in a very soppy mood right now.
I'm sitting in the car listening to Girls Aloud - Whole Lotta History, on my way to London to see the Girls themselves, thanks to my wonderful friend who bought us tickets to see them for my birthday :) and suddenly feeling rather...happy?

Despite all the shit thats happened to me over the past 5years, and the worst of it over the past 6months, and despite the fact that it's about to get worse before it gets better due to various court cases, and despite the ridiculous ease with which the sun burns me meaning I currently look like a tomato and feel like my skin has been coated with chilli sauce, I suddenly feel content.

I know I have a lot of battles to fight over the coming months, with a court case as a victim thats taken far too long to happen ad another case as a defendant thats happening far too quickly in comparison, as well as having to face the fact that I have to come out to my parents by August 14th* and the fact that a war seems to have been waged once more between my friends and I, and THEN there's all the emotional internal battles I will continue to face, it's days like this I feel like I can cope.

I have two parents who, despite all the history in our family, have really come through for me in these difficult months, and whom I love more than ever.
I have one friend who I have only known for roughly 7 months, but who has become so important to me. She's been through a fair bit herself, and is a brilliant and lovely person.
I have my oldest friend, who despite my occaisonal fears and frustrations that she isn't there for me as much as I need her to be, is really pulling through for me.
I have a few remaining friends who haven't waged war with me, who continue to keep in contact and want to see me. (Its a shame I'm borderline agrophobic most of the time now then lol).
I also have, as many of you will know, the cutest, sweetest, most cuddly and soft rabbit in the world. I neglected him for too long and we're finally building up a relationship again, and I'm realising I am very much a rabbit person :)
And lastly, but by no means leastly, I have you lot. You blog-reading, lovely twittering bunch of freaks ;) amongst who are some of the most caring, wise and lovable people I have ever heard of.

Something has kicked in today that makes me feel capable, invincible almost. I don't know how long this will last, probably not nearly as long as I need it to, but I'm going to drink it in while I can.

As an update to my last post where I told you the events of my birthday and that I was on my way to the police station to hopefully just receive a caution, I have news. And it ain't great. Instead of a caution I am being charged with not one (as I would have expected) but TWO counts of assualt. I won't say too much as I'm in a good mood at the moment and would like it to stay that way, just that I'm due in court in a matter of weeks and am meeting a solicitor next Tuesday to discuss options.

Other than that, I shall bid you farewell for now, although I shall still be on twitter daily :)

I hope everyone enjoys the Bank Holiday weekend, I know I will!


*as an explanation; I have to come out to my parents by August 14th as that is the date of my other court case where my sexuality will actually strengthen my case, and I don't want my parents finding something like that out in a public arena.


  1. Oh, I am happy to find you here, sweetie- and what an awful awful thing to have happened to you!
    It helps to have friends and please know that I am one...
    Regina from LJ

  2. Oh hello! So happy you're over here too! Thank you so much for your support, now get on twitter! :)