Wednesday, 18 March 2009


By my logic you've already had your photo for today, so you can go whistle if you think this post is going to contain anything for you to look at. I'm up and livejournal-ing again as of...the other day or somewhen, have posted some actual 'poetry' today, not too pleased with it but something told me that I just need to start posting again, maybe then things will start coming back to me. Since I started this blog, I've been debating whether or not to cross-post any of my 'poetic' offerings here as well as over on lj, and I'm now thinking that once I get going I will probably bring a few over here too.

Still not really had any luck breaking the writers block today, and it is starting to get me down. I have two quite important deadlines that have already been extended, and are looming once more and now I'm so afraid I won't meet them and I'll end up having to repeat this year at college. But I am trying to remain positive and focused, trying to not let this beat me.

Tomorrow I am off to a UCAS event, where hundreds of Universities will be displaying their wares and attempting to seduce me with their prospecti...I'm kind of nervous about it, because, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I'm feeling more than a little unsure of my future at this stage in my life, and tomorrow will either reinforce that insecurity, or cure it. I know which one I'm hopnig for.

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